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About Wichita KS Real Estate News

Welcome to Wichita KS Realty News.  We are glad you are here.  We are an electronic publishing suite of sites and social media platforms dedicated to spreading timely and relevant news regarding the Greater Wichita Real Estate Market.  We publish articles from local sources that are in tune with Wichita’s real estate pulse and have a unique perspective to explain what is really going on.  From builders and contractors, realtors and finance professionals, and landscape and interior design, we strive to find the best sources to give those interested in our real estate marketplace the best information and knowledge possible.

Our affiliated sites offer the following services;

wichitaksrealtypros.directory offers a full directory listing of local area Realtors and other real estate professionals.

wichitaksrealty.tv is a video only listing site for those interested in viewing videos of available properties.

openhouses-wichita.com announces weekly open houses through the Wichita marketplace.