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Sleep Environment Choices for Sleep Improvement

Sleep Environment Choices for Sleep Improvement

Guest Article by Rest Right Mattress

Wichita, KS (WICHITASREALTY.NEWS) Sleep Environment; Sleep is essential for everyone from infants to the elderly, it allows the body to perform necessary functions such as storing memory and forming new cells.  In fact, there are many benefits of getting enough sleep.  The issue is that many Americans simply aren’t getting enough sleep.  Over 68% of respondents in a Consumer Reports survey indicated they struggle just getting to sleep at least once weekly.  There are of course many sleep aids on the market but there are several elements in the bedroom that can be addressed to provide you better sleep.  Factors in the sleep environment that can impact your ability to fall asleep, and stay asleep, include temperature, lighting, quality and material of your mattress, and even the smell in the room.  There are many ways you can improve your sleep environment within these aspects.

Lighting affects your body’s ability to fall asleep and also its ability to stay sleeping.  The body’s circadian rhythms are influenced by light.  Light signals that it is time to be awake and dark indicates that it is time to sleep.  When the light goes off, your body can continue to feel the ramifications of light exposed to you via electronics used prior to bedtime.  To lessen the affect, remove electronics from the bedroom environment and limit use of them in the evening.  Having a sleep partner who is on a different sleep schedule than you can also expose you to bright light as they come or go while you are asleep.  Some adjustable beds have lighting that illuminates the room sufficiently to allow a person to make their way through it, but that is also dim enough that it lessens the impact of the light on the person still sleeping.  If all else fails, try using a sleep mask to keep the light from waking you.

Just as reducing light can assist you in sleeping better, reducing noise or disguising it can as well.  Changing sounds in your sleep environment can wake you as they get louder or become articulated.  If eliminating noises cannot be avoided, disguising disruptive noise using white noise may work.  This works by providing a constant, even toned noise that covers the changing sounds around you.  You can create your own white noise by utilizing a fan, noise machine or even an air purifier that makes a low hum sound.

Creating a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom is crucial to helping you achieve a higher quality of sleep.  Using ambient lighting and soothing sounds is a great start but employing scents will make the bedroom environment even that much more enjoyable.  The National Sleep Foundation suggests using lavender scents as they promote relaxation.  Ultimately it is your personal preference on scent that matters most.  Candles, oils or even the laundry soap used to wash your bedding can provide the smell you need to relax and enjoy your slumber.  Just like smells, temperature is a personal choice.  Making sure the temperature is comfortable for you will ensure that the bedroom environment is pleasant and conducive to sleep.

Your mattress is a significant part of your sleep environment and as such should be chosen with care.  Not all mattresses are made of the same materials and not all are made with the same level of quality.  Research the many available mattresses, their materials, their sizes and their levels of firmness.  This will help you find the one mattress that will be most comfortable and in turn help you to create an ideal sleep environment for you.








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