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When Businesses Move From Mobile to Brick and Mortar

86 cold press store front

WICHITA, KS (wichitaksrealty.news)  2016 has seen a maturity of some sorts in the ever growing Wichita food truck scene.  Specifically, two popular mobile vendors now have actual store fronts, and they are right next door to each other!  Garden of Eatin’ and 86 Cold Press at 612 E Douglas  have had their store fronts up and running while still running their mobile operations.

This is good news.  Many markets have experienced this phenomenon where chefs and business owners have tested out their menus and themes in food trucks and then converted to brick and mortar restaurants.  As the business model matures we hope to see more of the popular trucks doing the same.  The increased hours and weather protection from rain, snow, excessive hot and excessive cold provides a more even stream of business, and profits.

As popular as the food truck rallies, ICT pop up park, and the Wichita State University Food Court are, we still hope as the local food truck scene expands that we will see more of this trend in the near future.

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