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Downtown Living Tour Properties now on Openhouses-Wichita.com

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The Downtown Living Tour Properties Featured on New Site

WICHITA,KS:  (wichitaksrealty.news)

Openhouses-Wichita.com, a new site providing location and detailed information for open houses and auctions around Wichita, has mapped out the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation’s Downtown Living Tour on Oct 2 from 1-5.  The site offers a mobile friendly mapping feature and search parameters to find different types of events in specific areas.

Downtown Living Tour on openhouses-wichita.com home page

The Downtown Living Tour properties are listed and are mapped once you visit the page.  By clicking on one of the pins you are taken to a brief description of the property, a street view map, and a link which opens a new tab to the website of the property manager.  There are 14 unique properties listed on the tour.  Some new construction like The Pinnacle and some renovations like the Player Piano Lofts.  Each one features its own special take on downtown living.

You will likely see this site promoted across social media.  Openhouses-Wichita.com sends its listings across a network of over 30 social media sites, is indexed in Google and Bing and is managed to be extremely search engine friendly.  After the initial launch, the site will have a front end for realtors to sign up and input information on upcoming open houses and auctions.  Unlike many of the national real estate sites, this site is listing centric.  It doesn’t make consumers sign up and give their contact information to access the site, which in turn is typically sold as leads to agents. It is managed locally to provide information and content to consumers from those groups responsible for the listing of the properties and events.  You can find a link to the site above, and also on the top menu bar of wichitaksrealty.news, as well.


We hope you get out October 2nd and visit these properties to see the awesome changes within the core of our city.

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