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Consider Carpet on your Next Remodel Project

consider carpet on your next remodel wichita ks realty news

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When looking into remodeling your home, there are a number of decisions you need to make in regarding such things as budget, style, design, but one of the easier decisions is to include carpeting in your home. Carpeting adds styling options, value, and much more.

1. Design Options

Carpet offers options in color, style, and appearance that can accent the overall design theme of your remodel and provide an overall comfort feel, softening your space and make it feel welcoming.

2. Cost-Effective Flooring

Carpet is one of the most economical flooring options around with many price points and design options.

3. Cost-Effective Maintenance

Simple cleaning is another major benefit carpet can have over other flooring options. Some hard floor surfaces may require expensive cleaning throughout the life of the floor. With carpet regularly scheduled vacuuming and an annual deep-cleaning are usually all that is necessary to keep carpet looking great and lasting for its intended life.

4. Indoor Air Quality

Yes, air quality. We are spending more and more time inside, an estimated 90% of our time by some reports. Carpets have been shown in some studies to actually trap dust and allergans which can then be removed during vacuuming. There are also conflicting thoughts on this topic, too. We can see how each opinion has its own merits and deserve consideration. Many carpet manufacturers are also very interested in providing low volatile organic compounds, or VOCs in the manufacturing process.

Overall, carpet can be a great flooring option. Its benefits are well known and can add to the value, comfort, and health of your home.

Rick Sparks, Rick’s Professional Carpet Cleaning


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Rick Sparks

Rick is the owner and operator of Rick's Professional Carpet Cleaning. Rick blogs regularly on his site. Residing in Andover, KS. Rick has over 15 years of carpet and floor cleaning experience throughout Wichita and the surrounding area. He started his own floor cleaning service in 2010 and can be considered a true local provider.
Rick comes to us with high rating reviews that he works very hard to maintain. This is due to his penchant for detail and desire to provide the best value to his customers. Not only does he have experience in carpet cleaning, he is also an expert in dying carpets due to bleach stains, upholstery cleaning, tile and other surfaces.
Rick will be providing overall information about floor and upholstery maintenance and quick techniques anyone can use to keep the floors clean. Also, we will rely on him to provide articles on interior air quality, mold, and allergens.