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Big Question Concerning Wichita’s Gander Mountain

Wichita's Gander Mountain Future is in flux

WICHITA, KS:  (Wichita KS Realty News)  Wichita’s Gander Mountain location, ownership, and future has become a common topic here around the city, such as, what should be done with the property if it closes?  The bigger question isn’t what should happen to it but who will blink first.  There is big money and big players involved with this one. And as Wichita’s core is in the middle of a rebirth, a lot of attention is being focused on what happens with this location.

There are big players in this game.  Here is who is to watch regarding Wichita’s Gander Mountain Location;

  • Marcus Lemonis, the chairman and CEO of Camping World.  Camping World stepped in and bought assets of Gander Mountain (not inventory, which is why there is still a “Going out of Business” sign above the store).  Of course he wants concessions.  Understandably, he would like to be able to leverage the location for both Gander Mountain and Camping World so he would want space for RV’s and other assets of Camping World, and it has been reported that he would like a reduced lease rate from…
  • Jack DeBoer-  One of Wichita’ pioneering real estate icons, Deboer owns the property on which Gander Mountain sits.  And with the growth in Downtown one would imagine that Mr. Deboer is astute enough to see the value of this asset.  In other words, now probably isn’t the best of times to be arguing for a decrease in rent.
  • The City of Wichita-  With its propensity of getting involved with private projects, think the downtown Hyatt and even Century II, you can be assured that some form of tax consideration or abatement might be thrown on the table for Lemonis to chomp on.

Keep watching, the parts of this one will be moving around pretty fast.

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