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Is Avocado Toast Getting A Bad Rap?

Avocado Toast is Trending

WICHITA, KS:  (Wichta KS Realty News)  Why is is Avocado Toast getting a bad wrap tonight?  Well,  it is like this; Tim Gurner,  an Australian property mogul used Avocado Toast and Coffee as poster children of bad spending habits for millenials.  And it has gone viral.  Twitter #AvocadoToast is trending with many people taken issue with the example.  But let’s step back a second and take a breath before we retweet and share this obvious assault on our beloved avocado toast!

Ok, now take another breath.  And another.  And another.  What is being overlooked is what Mr. Gurner is saying.  To paraphrase, he is using Avocado Toast and Coffee as an example of priorities.  When we are younger, with limited income (relative to when we get older, hopefully), but we choose to spend those dollars in a less than thrifty way, we make affording a home, which should be an equity, more difficult.  And yes, before you start, times are harder after the financial crisis in 2008.  Lending institutions have tightened requirements and incomes haven’t risen alongside the current surge in housing prices.  Nonetheless, you as a possible borrower CAN’T control these issues, but you CAN control your spending.  This is his point, and he is right.  The blow up and viral move surrounding Avocado Toast is picking at words, acting triggered, and doesn’t help anyone unless they are looking for a great snack choice.  YUM.

And just for good measure, #avocadotoast!

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