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Election Day and Wichita Real Estate

election cycle impact on wichita real estate

What November 8th means for Wichita real estate



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Can you believe Election Day is finally here? It seems like we’ve been playing this back-and-forth doomsday game for over a year now. The candidates are picked, the race is tighter than ever, and Election Day has just about everyone holding their breath and praying for the country. It couldn’t be a more divided election if it tried, and the result is a pretty irritated, scared, and unhappy populace with whatever the outcome may be. No matter who wins – half of the country is going to be mad as hell, and it’s not going to amazing for American markets.

So what does that mean for Wichita real estate and foreseeable real estate transactions? Well, Wichita, like other major U.S. cities, is going to be in the dark for a few weeks after the decision is laid down. The stock market is already coming to a halt, and no one wants to spend thousands of dollars when they don’t even know what the country is going to look like tomorrow. It’s a natural reaction to the election, and home sellers, as well as buyers, should be aware that it’s not a terrible sign. The market is going to undoubtedly slow in November from the uncertainty, and stay that way through the holidays. We’re looking at January for an uptick in activity, and people feeling hopeful enough again to write a check for an apartment or house.

It’s important through the uncertain election times to stay modest and level-headed about your real estate transaction. Whether you’re looking for a home, or selling one, continue to work hard, keep the house looking nice, and keep your head up even if it seems no one is biting. If you’re a seller, there are buyers out there. They just may slip into the shadows for a few weeks until this all blows over.

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