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2017 Wichita Housing Prices Projected Up

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Wichita housing market to have a good year in 2017

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After many of years of swinging too far left or too far right as critics are concerned with a proper real estate market, analysts have predicted the perfect housing market for Wichita in 2017. Wichita home sales will rise 5.1 percent and home prices 3.5 percent in 2017, according to the 2017 Wichita Housing Forecast published by the Wichita State University Center for Real Estate. It will be the sixth straight year of growth, following the housing bubble and the housing bust of 2008.

It has taken close to 6 years for the region to finally balance itself out, but Wichita is on track for sustainable, healthy growth in 2017.

While there has been good demand for houses, there is a dramatic shortage of houses for buyers to buy in Wichita, even as new construction and downtown building renovations continue at a historically fast clip. This past August, half of the houses on the market sold in less than 22 days. A balanced market witnesses close to 180 days for a home sale to close. A trend common in other Midwestern cities this year, the community supply simply can’t meet the demand as millennials look to settle down in affordable cities.

As a result, prices are expected to rise 5.8 percent this year, and slightly more than half of that next year.

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Richard Wood, our Editor and contributing Author shares his insights of the national economic data and helps identify trends in the economy and specifically how they effect the local real estate markets in and around Wichita Kansas.
With a top down approach, his focus starts with the Federal Reserve policy makers and their direction on interest rates. Employment, housing starts, and refinancing of current mortgages all come into play when trying to understand how they fit together. Even generational housing trends are important and will be discussed.
Richard brings more than 30 years of knowledge of these markets and will assist the reader in better understanding how they come in to play.